The Heating Components of a Furnace

Home Guides Home Home Improvement Furnaces work in a cycle, Warming cold air before distributing it throughout the house.

Furnaces heat cooler air in the home and send the warmed air back into living spaces. A furnace ignites a fuel source such as natural gas, Propane or oil to produce the energy needs to warm the air. Most systems within the use either natural gas or propane. Homes in colder parts of the country, Such as those based in the Northeast, Often rely on oil burning furnaces. Blowers funnel the warm air through ducts that travel to each room inside your home.

Igniter Older gas systems used a Wholesale Jerseys
pilot light to ignite natural gas or propane. The pilot light burned continuously and was at the ready when the thermostat called for heat. Modern furnaces have replaced the pilot light with a glow stick made of silicon nitride. The glow stick only comes on when the thermostat involves heat. Oil furnaces use an igniter the same as the glow sticks used in gas furnaces.

Burner The burner is where fuel mixes with air to create burning. Small amounts of gas and air enter the chamber as the thermostat calls for heat. The igniter or pilot light creates an key source that burns the gas. In oil burners, The oil is sprayed for the burner as a fine mist, Which varieties with air and ignites. The burner is sometimes known as Wholesale Jerseys | NHL – from China free shipping
a combustion chamber.

Heat Exchanger The heat exchanger is located just above the burner. The heat generated from burning fuel warms the colder air around the heat exchanger. When the heat level reaches a preset level, A blower kicks on and distributes warm air through the duct system. The blower is constantly on the run even after the combustion sequence ends so it can distribute all the warm air left inside the heat exchanger.

Exhaust Gases A flue vents exhaust gases from the combustion process to the side. Some much better, High functionality furnaces have a second combustion chamber. This unit Wholesale Jerseys
captures the gases from the flue, squeezes them and burns them a second time to squeeze out every bit of energy they hold.

Plenum A plenum collects cooler air from the property as the furnace cycles. The plenum is situated nearby the heat exchanger. Pressure differences inside the furnace system force the air in the plenum to become heated before it passes from the duct system. My interests are varied and I also enjoy talking about other topics as listed in this application. Propane Pool HeatersHow to Prime a Home Oil HeaterHow to Estimate the Right Size of Gas Boilers for the sq. ft,square centimeter of the HouseFuel Oil Furnace vs. alternate option Heating Methods

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