Wife of sex case pastor still living high life

But from the pulpit Douglas Goodman was grooming vulnerable young women in his congregation for sex. And he and his wife were enjoying a lavish everyday life, With a five bedroom house and a fleet of highly-priced cars.Today a two year investigating procedure by the Charities Commission into the second biggest Pentecostal church in Britain reveals how it registered debts of 200,000 despite having an salary of 3.5 million at its optimum point.The cathedral, operating out of an old cinema in Kilburn, Was shut down in December 2002 after a receiver and manager appointed Wholesale NFL Jerseys Elite/Authentic/Limited Cheap From China
by the Charities Commission uncovered a long list of creditors.There is little chance of recovering cash and benefits taken out of church funds, And it has emerged that Erica Goodman is back running a business as senior pastor of the slightly rebranded Victory tramphaus.com
To Victory Christian Church (V2V). Her sleek image adorns its rrnternet site, underneath the slogan: “the family unit church with you in mind, It promises contentment, Healing and large choice.The church meets three days a week at a school hall near Wembley and is accepting online donations from supporters, meaning they pay their “scriptural tithe” By banking.Douglas Goodman is covering three and a half years for indecent assault, Attempted indecent assault and perverting the path of www.kablosuzkulaklik.com/wp
justice.Goodman’s victims were a teenage student and a 26 year old. The jury was told he would shower associated with gifts, Urging them to call hime constantly Daddy or Papa D. A investigation company said: “The victims are actually messed up. Panthers Jersey
Some of those who made allegations against him have made half hearted attempts to commit suicide,But while Goodman serves his nfl cheap jerseys
sentence his church has been reborn as a non profit organisation, This time without altruistic status.Today’s Charities Commission report sets down new rules to close a loophole that allowed Goodman to extort money from his congregation by claiming a salary.on the other hand, Mrs Goodman, Who is constantly on the live in the couple’s?1.5 million quarters in Northampton, Claims as an alternative to church is like one large family. She states on websites: “God has blessed V2V generously. He has helped us grow into a thriving church,She has also set up the Victory Bible commence, related to V2V, Which holds conventions and offers a two year diploma in biblical studies for a fee of?950. The website states VBI exists to make certain lives fully given to Jesus reap the richest harvest.The Evening Standard tried to contact Erica Goodman but a spokeswoman for the church refused to make contact. The spokeswoman refused to comment on the Charities Commission report and refused to state what revenues can be used as.She acknowledged: “definitely comment. We do not do interviews for fews flyers,click the Adblock/Adblock Plus icon, Which is on the right of your address bar.On Adblock take “Don’t run on pages for this domain,if you ever Private Browsing in Firefox, “Tracking insurance coverage” causes the adblock notice to show. It can be for the time being disabled by clicking the “force field” Icon in the consider bar.